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how can you prevent cancer

Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the chance of getting cancer. By preventing cancer, the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is lowered. Hopefully, this will lower the number of deaths caused by cancer. Some risk factors for cancer can be avoided, but many cannot. For.Being as lean as possible within the normal range from age 21 is optimal to prevent cancer, but at any time in life, it helps to lose weight if you’re overweight, stated the panel. Even a 5 to 10% weight loss can be important.Much research has been done on how foods could affect risk of prostate cancer. The following are cited from news articles published early on foodconsumer.org to give readers a glimpse of what men can.You may be at high risk of breast cancer if you have a mother or sister who developed breast or ovarian cancer (especially at an early age) or if you have multiple family members (including males) who developed breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. A doctor or genetic counselor can help you understand your family history of the disease.February is National Cancer Prevention Month – learn what you can do to prevent cancer. One of the biggest factors that can make a person more likely to get cancer is age: 3 out of 4 cancers are found in people aged 55 or older. But there are many other factors that affect cancer risk[youtubestruct src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/vu16gNYY28s][title=How Can You Prevent Cancer][duration=PT36M41S][uploadDate=2017-06-03T21:10:28.000Z][thumbnailURL=][ytid=vu16gNYY28s][description=How Can You Prevent Cancerhttps://www.epigeneticsandnutrition.com/I’m going to share with you in this video how you can prevent cancer and never fear the dreaded “C” word. It’s about educating yourself so you understand there are many healthy treatment options that don’t destroy your immune system and help you heal naturally.dr. leonard coldwell interviews me in this video on his radio show, Dr. leonard coldwell opinion radio about how to prevent cancer naturally. Listen in and hear my story. I hope this helps you become a little more informed about cancer and how to treat it naturally.By empowering yourself with knowledge you stay far away from the fear based conventional medical model that has not changed in over 50 years and quite frankly doesn’t work! Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy or the cut, burn and poison method does not help you heal from cancer!How do I know this, from firsthand experience in helping save my mother’s life naturally from colon cancer. When you’re diagnosed with cancer and you don’t understand the biological laws of nature, your oncologist has the upper hand. They back you into a corner through fear. They tell you that this cancer that has been forming for years has to be cut out immediately..wait, what? That’s the fear factor. Cancer is a warning sign and it’s letting you know that the path you are on is not the right one and you need to correct it now.When you can get out of your own way and allow your body to heal by doing the right things in an integrated manner, your chances of healing from cancer are high. Nutrition, proper sleep, exercise and alternative cancer treatments and therapies are all necessary to heal your body.There is no one magic bullet to heal from cancer, it must be done in an integrated way using the best, most effective therapies available.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZpyxhgNbQeioPXL5qIG8S2OIZt8qRqyrhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaDDqF5VdACI_s-NdkAhBw/videos][/youtubestruct]
This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu16gNYY28s, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZpyxhgNbQeioPXL5qIG8S2OIZt8qRqyr.THE 13 steps you can take to avoid cancer have been identified in groundbreaking Australian research which has found one in three cancers can be prevented. Half of us will develop cancer by age 85 but.Though colon cancer is very preventable, there are still a number of important risk factors that people can’t control. Knowing which ones apply to you can help you understand your risk and take steps to lower it. If you feel you’re at high risk, talk to a doctor or health professional. These can increase colon cancer risk:Another finding was concern that the health promotion message would interfere with the use of medication regimens to prevent cancer. t mean you shouldn’t try losing weight." Adherence to long-term.You don’t have to be an international scientist to understand how you can try to protect yourself and your family. The 10 commandments of cancer prevention are: 1. Avoid tobacco in all its forms, including exposure to secondhand smoke. 2. eat properly.

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